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Significance of Beaded Jewelry Variety

beaded jewejry beads

Jewelry has been used for an unlimited amount of reasons throughout the centuries. In some times they may have signified a coming of age ritual. Maybe they had been passed down generation to generation, showing the family line. Sometimes it may have even been a right or privilege to be wearing a specific piece of […]

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My New Discovery: Seed Beads

This time of year is one of the heaviest shopping times the whole world over, and that’s no huge surprise. The holiday season is pretty stressful and if you’re like me then you’re probably still reeling from “black Friday” and “cyber Monday” or at least your checking account, right? Anyway, there is one spot online […]


Beads Are Making Their Comeback!

I’m certain that the art and craft of creating and manipulating beads to adorn jewelry and clothing has been around since times immemorial.  The ways that people of all different cultures around the world have been able to employ the designs that exemplify their individual cultural aesthetic idiosyncrasies are surely an art form that needs […]

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The Business Of Jewelry In Ohio

Now here is probably one very familiar sight for any young woman or girl in any industrially civilized society around the world: a mall.  To be specific in this case, the Eastwood Mall in Niles, Ohio.  Nice to see that even during some of the inclement weather (which anyone living in the northern parts of […]


Most Popular Types of Beads

[dropcap-square]B[/dropcap-square]eads are small decorative ornaments that are available in different shapes and sizes. The beads are made of a huge verity of materials including, precious and semi-precious gems such as ruby, emerald, pearls and amber to materials such as Lac, Plastic, Glass and stones. In older times the beads were also made up of animal […]