Beads Are Making Their Comeback!

I’m certain that the art and craft of creating and manipulating beads to adorn jewelry and clothing has been around since times immemorial.  The ways that people of all different cultures around the world have been able to employ the designs that exemplify their individual cultural aesthetic idiosyncrasies are surely an art form that needs more exploring and exposition.  I’d like to see beading make a big come back among young people, although I can only assume that it would mainly be a more acceptable hobby for young ladies, I’m sure women of all ages could certainly enjoy the pass time even if they don’t pursue it further as a skillful craft they’d like to hone and sharpen.  Now making the hobby more acceptable for boys and young men is more of a cultural issue that people (primarily in the western world but probably in nations across the planet) will have to engage on a larger scale to generally just allow males of all shapes, sizes, creeds and colors, to feel safer in their own skin and secure in their masculinity, even if they want to enjoy a typically feminine hobby.


Here’s an example of an incredibly intricate jaguar crafted out of beads and made in a traditionally Mexican style of coloring and design.  I’m not sure how many beads were used to create this masterpiece, but I can absolutely guarantee this is way beyond my skill level even if I had all of the materials… Although a blue print might help!  (This photo is © of Wonderlane).

Now speaking of cultural diversity among the nations of the world and the ways in which they approach beading, take a look at that beautiful picture.  I think that level of detail is just so fantastic it’s really impressive how much people can do with such little pieces of color.  I think that the artist behind this piece of work had the right idea and it clearly shows.  I want

While I do like the simplicity of smaller beads such as the ones used in this photo above of the large scale, pseudo sculpture made from them, there’s something to be said about having detail and real effort and craft put into even an individual bead.  For beads like that I had to do some poking around online but I didn’t have to look too hard to find a good source in marutibeads.com which has some of the most exceptionally detailed and hand-made beads I’ve seen.  They have a great exotic appeal that seems to encompass several different cultural cues, and at an oddly affordable rate.  Personally I’ll be taking advantage of it while I can before the demand makes the prices start to sky rocket (and I’d encourage you to do the same while you can if you or anyone you know has even a small amount of interest in , since these things look too beautiful to pass up!)  But let me dial the topic back a moment and think about that cultural aspect of the beads.  If I’m not mistaken there’s an Indian element to the design but also something that might be construed as Egyptian in some.  But then I’m not an expert, all I can tell you is I know what I like!


I’m glad to see there are still stores such as the one in this photo above, although I would like to see a chain store for the likes of the site I mentioned above, at least establishments such as this one can raise awareness and interest among parents and children alike.  Who knows, maybe even those all too hard to please young adults might be interested as well?  (This photo is © to Gexydaf).

Maybe beads won’t get the huge boost in popularity that I want them to get over night, and that’s fine since the elitist groups out there who prefer to feel like they are in on a special club will be happy to still feel like they are the hipsters that they are.  However, I still think that there will still come a time when beads will make their come back and be the celebrated art form and pass time for people of all kinds to enjoy. Essentially I suppose this might be something basic to more experienced beading enthusiasts but for me it’s still a new discovery Seed beads.