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My New Discovery: Seed Beads

This time of year is one of the heaviest shopping times the whole world over, and that’s no huge surprise. The holiday season is pretty stressful and if you’re like me then you’re probably still reeling from “black Friday” and “cyber Monday” or at least your checking account, right? Anyway, there is one spot online I’ve recently been frequenting for gift ideas (jewelry and the arts and crafts that go into their creation never go out of style) and that one spot is simply for the exceptional variety that they have available. Considering how rough the economy and prices are for most things, especially during this time of year, it’s pretty refreshing to find something with quality that shows you put real effort and thought into your gift, but not having to break the bank.


Here’s a pretty familiar sight when it comes to decorations for the home or for a party this time of year. While snowflakes may not be such a recognizable sight around the world (or a reminder of December or the holiday rush), in much of the western world, snowflakes are typically a reminder of Christmas, Chanukah and to a lesser extent, Kwanza. © Preciosa Ornela.

Surprisingly enough, even with the chaotic environment of this time of year, (the lack of time for myself, and working like an insane person to make extra money) I can still learn something new. Essentially I suppose this might be something basic to more experienced beading enthusiasts but for me it’s still a new discovery. Now a days the beads are making their comeback in the market. Seed beads, as they’re called, are essentially some of the smallest beads, some of the smallest seed beads are even measured to be under a single millimeter. Beads are small decorative ornaments that are available in different shapes and sizes.


Small pine needles and little twigs with bright green foliage are such an iconic symbol for the winter season. Here’s a great example of some bead work featuring seed beads that makes even my best work with children’s building blocks look like garbage! © Preciosa Ornela.

I’m happy that the holiday season has been able to keep teaching me things even though I’ve been more distracted and busy than ever. I suppose I’ve been a bit more inspired and had more creative juices flowing too after seeing some of these cool photos…


This is exceptional to me just because of how difficult it must be to work with such an almost-perfectly spherical shape. I’ve never done anything quite so technical for a Christmas tree ornament but this one, which clearly features more than a hundred seed beads, would stand out on any Christmas tree. © Preciosa Ornela.