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Significance of Beaded Jewelry Variety

beaded jewejry beads

Jewelry has been used for an unlimited amount of reasons throughout the centuries. In some times they may have signified a coming of age ritual. Maybe they had been passed down generation to generation, showing the family line. Sometimes it may have even been a right or privilege to be wearing a specific piece of jewelry. Some of these jewelry traditions still exist today, in several countries across the world. However, jewelry is also becoming more of a fashion trait that ever before. Women accessorize with jewelry, and find something to match almost every look. Beaded jewelry has found its niche here, and continues to thrive in this generation. The Seeds beads are using more in jewelry to make them more attractive.

Beaded jewelry is unique for several reasons, with one of the main ones being the variety in color. Since beads can literally come in any color, its quite easy for them to be used for many different outfits or styles. The beads can be thrown together to create a multi-color look, or even only have one color to make a more bold statement. This variety gives people exactly what they want to be wearing. It can match anything, and create a very specific look. Sometimes a single piece can match many different outfits, so the mix and match equation can be even more powerful.


beaded jewelry colors

This piece of jewelry shows how color can be used to make a very unique statement. Taken by mksouthmaynakagrandmamarilyn.

Along with the color of the beads having such great variety, the design of the jewelry also has a high fluctuation. Sometimes there can be just a single strand of beads, and other times there can be several. The beads may be one right next to the other, sometimes there may be spaces in between each of the beads. The beads can be layered, or they can just be quite simple. The thread of the piece of jewelry might be clear, but it could also be solid. The color or material used for the thread could change the look and create a totally different statement. This variety adds a whole other element to wearing beaded jewelry.

beaded jewelry designs

The two pieces shown in picture give an accurate description of how the design can influence the style. Taken by Bojangle Beads.

Many other small variables can alter the look of the jewelry piece. This may include the size of the beads, ranging from the size of the tip of a pencil to the size of a golf ball. The opacity if the bead can create a varying look. Sometimes the beads may be see-through, other times they may be very opaque. The way the light hits the beads will change how well you can see through it, and this can change a style more than one might think. The idea is that each of these are variables, but when thought about for an individual piece of jewelry, they add up quickly.

beaded jewejry beads

An interesting combination of different style beads complete this look. Taken by Claire Murphy.

This is the reason bead shows have been so popular lately, especially in the United States. Many states have bead shows, showcasing their wide variety of beads, and displaying the newest and latest trends. They show different styles of jewelry, and can show you how to make your own. Ohio is one of the states known to have such events, and their success in the beaded jewelry industry seems to be growing at a constant rate. The beaded jewelry shows gain in attendance and popularity each year, with everyone discovering the wide variety found through the world of beaded jewelry. Join the fun!